Grievance Redressal

At the start of the academic year, the students are made aware of the committee. The committee keeps records of the grievances of the students and parents and sees to it that the grievances are taken care of.

Sr No Name Representation Designation
1 Ms.Anagha R Samant Institution Principaland Chairman
2 Ms.Mruganka N. Mhatre TeachingFaculty Member Member
3 Ms.Madhura M. Apte TeachingFaculty Member Member
4 Ms.Ruzmeen A. Darji TeachingFaculty Member Member
5 Ms.Pooja K. Tripathi Student Member
6 Ms.Chetana S. Nerpagar Student Member
7 Ms.Mansi Naik Student Member
8 Mr.Tabish Hamdare Student Member
9 Mr.Sachin Gupta S.Y.Parent Representative Member
10 Mr.Sandesh Sadavarte F.Y.Parent Representative Member